....Optimus Pet® - PrimeTime (1kg)..Optimus Pet® - PrimeTime (1kg)..Optimus Pet® - PrimeTime (1kg) 貓狗乾糧....

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....Optimus Pet® - PrimeTime (1kg)..Optimus Pet® - PrimeTime (1kg)..Optimus Pet® - PrimeTime (1kg) 貓狗乾糧....

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Organic Chicken Recipe - Grain & Gluten Free
Plus omega oils, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber & phyto-nutrients

The great news is Optimus Pet PrimeTime® is unlike any pet food that has ever been made, surpassing in meat value with more than a whopping 95% meat & prepared with all-natural ingredients – lean organic chicken meat as the 1st ingredient.

Like master chefs, we marinate, mix & bake our meat which goes through the least processing to retain its high nutritional value & flavor. Prepared using a special active fruit enzyme, it protects the meat from harmful microorganisms & prevents the meat from degradation, so its freshness & taste are naturally & optimally preserved.

The synergetic reaction of the enzymes with the meat produces a variety of healthy enzymes & bacteria that not only enhances the texture & nutritional value of the meat, your pets will find it irresistible. Try this - Simply put Optimus Pet PrimeTime® next to another pet food & you will notice a sea change!

Instinct will guide your pets to choose PrimeTime®. Animals of the past forage for themselves but feedlot animals today are nutritionally abused with GMO
Corn providing only omega-6, causing massive inflammation in pets. Not only is corn an extremely allergenic food & difficult to digest, it can be highly contaminated with deadly aflatoxins, a carcinogen that poisons the liver & promote tumor development. Most pet foods today are made with corn-based ingredients.